30 amp Surge Guard

Pretty much any camper you ask will tell you “you must have a surge protector”, then again there are some who will also say that they have camped for years without one … 


I splurged, this is not a cheap surge protector, I like gadgets, this one connects with an LCD panel wirelessly that allows me to view the power being used and the status of the surge guard.


The Southwire Surge Guard tests the power coming from the pedestal at the camp-site and makes sure there are no electrical issues before it allows power to flow to your RV. 



  • Analyzes the pedestal to ensure proper electrical conditions before allowing power to the RV.
  • Protection against open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, miswired pedestal, low and high frequency, plus low and high voltage.
  • Continued protection against low and high voltage and low and high frequency.
  • Only Electrical Protection System to offer load side protection against elevated ground line current inside the RV.
  • Lifetime Warranty with Connected Equipment Coverage
  • It makes a satisfying clunk as it turns on the power.
  • The wireless monitor is cool!


  • Bit pricy, but significantly cheaper than replacing the electrical components of the travel trailer.

Forest river grey wolf 23dhb

We bought the Grey Wolf 23DBH Travel Trailer after much research, at least as far as layout was concerned. The floor-plan seemed to fit our needs perfectly, queen size master bedroom, bunks for daughter and any friends who might come along.

Our first trip was 11 days during which we covered over 2100 miles towing. Our tow vehicle is a 2019 Ram Rebel (5.7L V8 with eTorque), In total during the trip we did almost 2700 miles and averaged 11.5 mpg.

We camped at 4 different locations,

  • New Bern KOA in North Carolina,
  • Red Gate Campground in Savannah,
  • Mount Pleasant KOA in South Carolina
  • Fredericksburg KOA in Virginia.

The trailer was easy to tow, fairly easy to reverse (more to do with the inexperience of the driver than the trailer!) and was easy to setup and breakdown.


  • Lightweight at 5380 lb.
  • Easily 1/2 Ton towable as the tongue weight is only 621 lb.
  • Great layout for a family of 3 plus dog.
  • Two doors, one leading directly to the bathroom, no trailing sand/dirt through the rest of the camper.
  • Large (for the size of the trailer) u-shaped dinette. 
  • Good outside storage under bunk beds and front under main bed.
  • Budget friendly.


  • The bunks have little privacy, yes there is a curtain, but a teen daughter needs somewhere to change.
  • Lack of storage, daughter had to use the pantry as a closet, and even then it was too small, no  hanging space etc.
  • Queen size  bed was not actually queen size, but queen short. It was also the most uncomfortable place I’ve ever slept. The bed is in two parts, bottom 2/3 is 1/2″ OSB, top 1/3 is the same thin veneer the cabinets are made from, even when we upgraded the mattress, I could still fee the support bars beneath the veneer. Woke daily feeling like I had gone a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson! Took about 4 days to work out why I was in so much pain.
  • Cushions in the dinette area had no support, and given I was already in pain from the bed, sitting there for more than 5 mins caused more back ache.
  • I mentioned lack of storage, this was true throughout the trailer, two small drawers in the kitchen, no space in the kitchen cupboards. The best storage was under the dinette seats.
  • Counter space, there is a large sink to the left of the stove, it has a cover, with the cover in place there’s a reasonable amount of counter space. Remove the cover and there is about 2-3 inches of space on 3 sides of the sink. Not enough to prepare anything!

Our First ever travel trailer!

Forest River Grey Wolf 23DBH

  • Hitch Weight: 621 lb.
  • UVW: 5380 lb.
  • Length: 29′ 3″

Forest River – Grey Wolf 23DHB Travel Trailer Floor-Plan



Start A New Path

Recently we purchased two; yes two; Travel Trailers, long story but the first turned out to be too small. We learned this during an 11 day, 2700 mile initial trip. 

Prior to the trip I bought many gadgets for the RV, and as a guy with GAS (Gadget Acquisition Syndrome) I figured I would share my experiences and personal reviews for anyone interested in reading them.