30 amp Surge Guard

Pretty much any camper you ask will tell you “you must have a surge protector”, then again there are some who will also say that they have camped for years without one … 


I splurged, this is not a cheap surge protector, I like gadgets, this one connects with an LCD panel wirelessly that allows me to view the power being used and the status of the surge guard.


The Southwire Surge Guard tests the power coming from the pedestal at the camp-site and makes sure there are no electrical issues before it allows power to flow to your RV. 



  • Analyzes the pedestal to ensure proper electrical conditions before allowing power to the RV.
  • Protection against open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, miswired pedestal, low and high frequency, plus low and high voltage.
  • Continued protection against low and high voltage and low and high frequency.
  • Only Electrical Protection System to offer load side protection against elevated ground line current inside the RV.
  • Lifetime Warranty with Connected Equipment Coverage
  • It makes a satisfying clunk as it turns on the power.
  • The wireless monitor is cool!


  • Bit pricy, but significantly cheaper than replacing the electrical components of the travel trailer.